Friday, August 28, 2009


It's the time for admisisons here. Be warned though...I might offend some of you. In fact, in my experience, I think I offend most people when I admit this one thing... so be warned.

I don't like dogs.

In fact, I don't like animals or pets in general. I have never bonded with them, and have never understood other people's bond (and in some extreme cases...obession) with their pets. I totally didn't understand the movie Marley & Me and was so annoyed at how horrible that dog was. I would have kicked it to the curb long before that. (But know that if you have a dog and you love it, it's not like I wouldn't come over and still hang out with you, it's just not for me. I just won't love a dog like you do and I'm a horrible dog owner.)

Maybe it's my upbringing and our family's experience with pets (it wasn't a good one), I don't know, but the girls have been begging me for probably...let's say...their whole life to get a dog. I won't bend. I just don't want to. It's hard enough for me to take care of the kids I have, then to have another mouth to feed (cuz you KNOW the responsibility for feeding and picking up it's poop will fall on me) just ain't my thang.

I also hate the guilt that comes along with having a dog...especially when the dog stands outside your sliding glass door with puppy dog eyes...just looking at me, making me pack my bags for a big ol huge guilt trip.

I'm so glad that Brian isn't a pet person either. I was so happy to hear him say when we were dating that he wouldn't make me let a huge dog sleep in his bed, nor would he expect me to let an animal lick all over my face with his stinky a*#@ breath. I knew then that Brian was the one for me. :)

In the past few years, I've been bending with regards to the topic of "pets." A few years ago for Easter, we brought a rabbit to Arizona all the way from California to surprise the girls to have their own Easter bunny. We had that for a few years, and were happy with it, mostly cuz we could ignore it (sorry...I TOLD's admission time...just bein honest). But know that I was bitter every time I walked outside and smelled a waft of urine knowing that it was "I" who was going to have to clean out his cage. Then when we were constantly traveling and having to find a "babysitter" for the dang bunny, we knew it was time to regift it to someone. Thank goodness for my friend Misty who LOVES LOVES LOVES animals and found a new home for it while we were in New York.

We've also had fish....mostly we ignore those too. Brian has loved those like his own so it's been good. I haven't had to "fish" any dead fish out, or clean the water.

Slowly, the girls have been working on me and are always holding and walking other people's dogs to "show" me that they can be responsible. They are also constantly obsessing about getting a dog by looking and researching dogs on "" and all these other sites. My latest excuse has been telling them that we can't get a dog right now because we're moving to Germany. So, they started researching all the dogs and googling "puppies in Germany." Wow.

Brian and I have started to waiver a lot, especially since the girls said they would be happy with a small dog, and one that doesn't shed too much. (that's another thing. I had this one lady I worked with who came to the job with cat and dog hair all over her that wafted away as she walked. And one time we rode in her car to lunch and it was covered in dog hair...I have issues with other people's hair...but that's for another post). I've really seen how happy the girls are in wanting a dog, and against my better judgment, have really thought that we would get one when we went to Germany. Mostly cuz I know it would make them really happy.

I also had reservations because of having a new baby. I didn't want the dog to maul Spencer or knock him over all the time, or shed so much that he was eating the dog hair. Blech. And I also thought Spencer would be super scared of a dog.

Which now leads me to the point of my post...During the most recent trip to california, seeing Spencer's reactions to the two dogs at my parent's house...we have decided we now HAVE to get a dog.

Video #1:
This was our first experience seeing how much Spencer loved the dogs. It's a bummer that we didn't catch how excited he got watching them outside. By the time we got the camera, he was kind of winding down with his laughter, but you get the point. (And yes, I know that he looks like a floating head and hands. hahaha)

Video #2-
This was the next day. He was giggling up a storm when the dogs would even get near him. The video is about a minute and a half. But keep watching til you get to about 1:19. He is giggling so hard. (And btw, I can't vouch for what the dogs are doing in the background. It's a good thing I know at least one of them has been spayed/neutered. But I'm still a little disturbed by it so just ignore them, k?)

Video #3-
This is another video at the same time, but watch what happens about 30 seconds into it. Both dogs totally launch themselves off of Spencer's back to get outside and Spencer thought it was the funniest thing. "I" thought it was the funniest thing.


Alicia said...

I don't know what to tell you... I am NOT a dog person either (at all)... neither is Blaine, and when I was reading your post, I was smiling and nodding and doing everything but saying aloud "Amen sista!" (I'm serious.)
I'm sure Jake will be begging me sooner or later. Good thing our siblings have doggies. :)

Randi said...

That is so funny. Is there no end to what we do for our kids? I never thought I would see the day that YOU would have a dog. Make sure to BLOG about that if/when it happens.

Heather said...

there is something so white trash about these videos...but spencer is so darn can't help but to laugh while he is giggling!

Katie Schultz said...

I am with you on the Dog thing, however I REALLY want a cat, it has to be a good cat though, and I have been working on ben ever since we got married, and I finally got some bend out of him when I told him in my best SPOF voice "Ruby needs a cat to cuddle with her at night". PS Video one looks like floating head and hands.