Saturday, January 30, 2010


Destination: Sierra Vista, AZ

Has anyone missed me blogging? I've been a little out of it lately. It could be because I've been traveling around a LOT. Why wouldn't I? The girls have been with their dad, and Brian is back in Germany. I've visited a lot of friends all over. I still have grand plans of doing lunch with California peeps and to revisit with my friends in Utah.

Right now? I'm in Sierra Vista. And it was such a last minute decision. I flew down on Thursday and have been at Randi's ever since. The kids (Spencer and Brenna) have been the best of friends this trip, much to our delight. If betrothals were still all the rage, these two would already be promised.

They both play so much better now that they have a friend playing nearby. Check out these cute pictures of these darling babies playing.

Spencer has found a new toy that has kept him entertained for hours. In true Spencer fashion, he watched it, analyzed it and figured out how it worked.
How darling is this little Brennalyn?
Doesn't he look so old here?

They had their rough times though....haha Brenna just wanted to be his friend so much so that she would play with his feet in the high chair and shove blocks in his face. Check out this series of pictures. It makes me laugh.

First...Brenna rubs her blocks all over Spencer who's trying to play with his car.

He totally shoved her away (can you see his little arm).

She does it even harder... Love that little girl.

I'll be here til Tuesday so stay tuned for more grand times!


Heather said...

wow she is so Big! I remember when she was brand new! So fun can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Heather said...
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Katie Schultz said...

Oh... so that's where you've been! I keep going over to the schultz house expecting to see you and spencer. HAHA why didn't I just ask.
Looks like fun, I love Spencer.