Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Sierra Vista!

Well, I think the last place I left off was my trip to Utah for the girls' birthday. But before that I was in Arizona visiting Randi and a few other friends. I never finished posting about that trip. Here ya go!

While I was there, it was about two weeks before Valentine's Day so Randi helped me make a package for Brian to send to him. Needless to say, she did it all. She showed me how to make chocolate covered pretzels, but ended up doing the whole thing, then made rice krispie treats and individual brownies. Spencer and I weren't feeling well. See! She's such a great friend isn't she? I don't have a lot of pictures cuz the ones I did take weren't so good of Randi, so as HER good friend, I'm not posting them. haha.

Randi is such an amazing example to me. She takes so much time with Brenna and really enjoys every moment. She relishes in every advancement and wants to spend every waking minute with her daughter teaching her, reading to her and playing with her. Don't get me wrong. I ADORE Spencer. I just sometimes find myself feeling like I need to be doing other things. But I realized that I want to enjoy my baby boy and notice every facial expression, every laugh and every new thing he does.

The other thing about Randi is not only does she love Brenna that much, but when we're around she gives love to Spencer the way she does Brenna. She was always including Spencer in Brenna's activities and took so much time with him. She's awesome, isn't she?

Two Darling Babies...
Sorry, Randi, that looks like it would have been a great picture of you. Alas, I cut you off when taking the picture. heehee.

Driving to the Airport...

Randi and I were both very sad when we had to go to the airport. But we were in a little bit of a rush after she and her husband got off work, which was good to take our minds off of it.

Randi sat in the back with both babies. Check out how much love these babies have for her. The first picture is of Brenna as she was falling asleep. hahaha. Look at that darling tiny hand resting on her mommy's arm.

Then, if you know Spencer, he wants NOTHING to do with anyone touching his carseat. He will push your hand, face, head away at any cost if you touch his seat. But check out him with Randi. Now that's love.

Saying Goodbye...
These are pictures outside but she didn't leave yet. When I was at the ticket counter, she just piped up and asked if she could be my escort through security. I only had Spencer so it shouldn't have been too hard, but if any of you heard about my flight there, you'll know why. My Little Black Raincloud was definitely showering on me that day. So we both didn't want a repeat of that. She was awesome and it really helped wrestle him while security was strip searching me...well, not really but almost. They always seem to pick me to go through my bags, or test random things I'm carrying with me. Doing that with a grouchy toddler his horrible. So, she really saved the day.

One of the reasons the airplane ride was so horrible getting TO Arizona was because I didn't have a stroller or a sling. Big mistake. So, I bought a small umbrella stroller the day I left. I didn't have time adjust the straps before I put it in the car, and what a mistake that was. Check out how Spencer used it to his benefit.
If you can't see what he's doing, he's actually got his feet on the ground walking the stroller by himself. And we were in a hurry to get through security before putting him back in that we couldn't adjust them. He kept trying to get out and was so frustrated that all his efforts were being thwarted.

Thanks Randi for the great time! You guys are so amazing.

And thanks to all my friends for coming to have Greek with me for Girls' Night Out and Joanna and Mary for hanging out with me. :) I love you guys so much! Til next time!
(Check out how tan I look. Wish I really looked like that.)


Alicia said...

I showed Blaine the stroller-walking-pictures. We laughed hard. Love it.
Miss you already!

amber buhrley said...

Sounds like a fun visit. I love good friends and randi sounds like a good one! Also glad to see you got home safe and sound. Sorry I haven't emailed you back yet. Im just lazy...thats really my only excuse!

Randi said...

I just got back from WA and noticed how busy you have been on your blog. We did have a fun trip. I am so glad that you came down to visit. We can't let it be too long before we do it again.