Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, do you ever have those "I could just kick myself" moments? Not the ones where you said something totally inappropriate, or on the flip side, DIDN'T say a great, witty retort to someone who was being inappropriate to you? (Come on, we all have them.)

No, this one is where you realize that if you would have included one extra detail in something you created, it would have made it that much more perfect? But everyone's already seen what you created, so you can't redeem your allotted "take-back" for the day and made the original that much more perfect.

Hehe. I guess this is kind of an exaggerated way of saying that I could have made my last post about my brother, Scott, and sister-in-law, Ruth, that much more perfect by putting two-and-two together that today is Scott's birthday. Had I wished him a Happy Birthday in my post dedicated to them, it would have made the tribute post that much more meaningful, and really given me some major brownie points with them. haha.

Scott, I REALLY DID KNOW it was your birthday. I promise. I just didn't think to include that in my post today. But maybe, that makes my previous post even better. Cuz that means I was really posting NOT because it was your birthday, but cuz I really love you guys that much!

Okay, so did I redeem myself? Cuz I feel totally bad I didn't wish you a happy birthday yet. I'm still gonna email you. Just thought I'd let you know the "kick yourself" moment I just had.

Love you guys! And love you, Scott! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
(And I wish I had a picture on this computer to upload to accompany this post, but I'm using Xoe & Xanthe's...mine is dead...but I think y'all know what he looks like.)


Alicia said...

Awe... I love brothers.
Especially Scott ones. :)

Kerstin said...

Once I called a friend to ask whether he wanted to go out later in the evening. He said no. I was quite disappointed and let him now. An hour later I remembered that it was his birthday.

Of course we now what Scott looks like. He has been in People. (Randi, I'm stalking, too. You're not the only one. Maybe we should found a self-helping group?)