Sunday, September 12, 2010

6th Grade Pictures

Pictures from their 6th Grade Year. These are the most current. Don't they look beautiful and grown up? Xanthe told me that of all the pictures taken of her, "I actually like this one the best."  She doesn't normally like pictures taken of her.  I'm happy that she's happy with herself in these pictures. :)  

I love the backgrounds the company lets us choose from. They had a whole bunch of them... i.e., up in the mountains with a goat, next to a German castle, field of flowers, next to an American flag. They basically take the kids' picture in front of a green screen and then afterward, we can choose the background.  I think this is the Hogwart's Castle one.  


Randi said...

They are so beautiful. You might need to start worrying about boys if you haven't already!

heather said...

SO cute!! I can't believe how old they are. & i love the random background. you should ask ruth to send you a copy of max's school picture. the "random background" he chose is pretty amazing too.