Sunday, May 30, 2010

Soccer Pictures

I guess since the girls have started their second season of Soccer, I should post their soccer pictures from last year.  They LOOOOOVE soccer. Xanthe has been waiting all year for March to be able to play soccer, and they were very disappointed that they couldn't' take part in the after-school soccer clinic every week because it conflicted with their Step Team rehearsals.  Xanthe says she "lives" for soccer. Must be taking after my sisters. I'm excited for their new year.  They have a young German guy coaching them.  We're hoping he can bring "da skills" that the Germans have for soccer to the team! (written 4/5/11)

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Randi said...

I LOVED soccer when I was their age! How fun for them to have something they love to do in Germany. I guess I never expected these type of activities to be available to the US kids.