Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Is it any surprise to you that Brian's son would fall in love with computers at an early age?  Well, Spencer has.  And he has his dad's genius smarts too.  Do you remember the videos of him guessing the alphabet and numbers, as well as putting them in order?  Well, he got bored with that, so he moved onto the computer.  Back in June, a few weeks shy of his second birthday, he decided he wanted to TYPE the alphabet. So, we would set up a Word Document and hit caps lock.  He would type in order all the letters from A-Z perfectly.  When that wore off, he would do the letters, but about halfway through would do one (or a few) wrong on purpose, look at us and laugh, then shake his head.  He would then HIT THE BACKSPACE button until he cleared all the wrong ones and corrected himself.  When he got to Z, he would smile and get excited.

...yet the kid doesn't talk yet.  hahaha.  

Speaking of this kid's smarts, now that it is January of 2011, 7 months later, Spencer got bored of typing the alphabet.  He started watching the Leap Frog videos for the alphabet and learned about half of the phonics sounds.  So now I can point to a letter and he can tell me what the sound of the letter is.  I think it's pretty amazing.  I guess I should check with the professionals to see if other kids his age are doing that too.

And for the record, I'm not too worried anymore about him not talking.  He communicates a lot through sign language, has had his hearing tested and completely understands what we say when we're talking to him.  I have a hunch he has what's called Auditory Processing, which means he understands it going in, but can't process on how to say it back in the form of words. Kind of like when you have a song in your head but you can't sing it the right way for everyone.

....or he's just a genius.  haha.  So, I've been told by quite a few people.  We'll just have to wait, I guess.

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Randi said...

I love this post! I imagine that Spencer knows so much inside, he just can't get it out. You better watch what you say now because when he starts talking he is going to repeat everything that he has ever heard. I can't believe all of that stuff about the computer! Brenna knows most of her sounds but not the letter names or the order (other than singing the song). He is AMAZING and is going to make his Kinder teacher a very happy man/woman! Not surprising though coming from your family.