Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Out & About Discovery Group-German Restaurant

Have I ever told you about the Out and About Group?  It's a group that a friend and I started last year over a conversation at a church event of "what to do in our area."  Everyone piped up with their own little hidden secret, or some mentioned they didn't get out much. So we decided to blend everyone's ideas, as well as give some opportunities to those who haven't been able to travel much, and plan monthly events.  At first, we had two events a month, one during the day with kids, and one in the evening without.  During the summer it turned into every week so we could have things to do to entertain the kids.  

We asked the bishop of our church if we could make it into an official church group so that more women could take advantage of the opportunity, to which he hesitantly agreed. But over the course of a few months, so many women, many that never even came to church, would attend our Out and About Groups.  We went to restaurants, downtown cities, castles and small, quaint towns.  We took swimming excursions, visited palaces and picked pumpkins from a local farm (pumpkin patches aren't prevalent over here since most of Germany does not celebrate Halloween).  We met so many new people, had many great laughs and made lifelong friends.  

I know I already have posted a few events from before, but I still want to post other events that we had.

This event we went out for dinner at a local German restaurant in our Downtown Marketplace. And even though it was June, it was still a little chilly that night.  We had a great time though.  We were split up into three tables, but handed out numbers.  Halfway through dinner everyone had to stand up and carry their plate to a new table based on the number they had.  It was a great way to get people mingled and mixed up, and meeting all the new people who had moved in (which were quite a few).  

Walking through the town to get to the restaurant.

Afterward, we drove back to a parking lot where everyone had left their cars and somehow a party ensued.  It was quite funny and I wanted to catch EVERYONE on camera participating in the shenanigans. :)  

Some were the dancers, and some just wanted to observe.  But I loved that they didn't leave. Everyone was having a good ol' time.

I was showing everyone how to strike a "real" pose.  hahaha.

They got in on it with me!  Yay!

Stay tuned for more Out and About Group events!


Randi said...

That is such a great idea. Especially when you are in a foreign country, but I think it would be great in American towns too. I know we have so many people move in and out of our military ward I bet it would be a hit. I am glad (and totally not surprised) that you have found so many friends to experience the city with.

Alicia said...

How fun!!
I love that you are having a ball (like I know you would... it's YOU!)

So, when's the next one? I'm game.