Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spencer's Groove

For your sheer enjoyment:


Spencer has definitely inherited his dad's sense of rhythm. Brian is an amazing dancer, and Spencer has yet another thing from his daddy. Watch the video above again. When it's slow, he dances slow, and when it's fast he picks it up. I don't have videos of the other times that he's really been RIGHT ON the beat. But it's such a crack up.




Randi said...

That has been the best part of my day! I love that it is all in his hips. HEHE What a cute little dancer!!

ruth said...

I AM D I E I N G!!!! So funny. You know what would be funnier....have brian's bum dancing next to Spencers...I am laughing just thinking about it!!!

Rachel said...

love that cute little booty shake!

Lokodi said...

Laughing my butt off here! I love spencer. He cracks me up.


Rocky said...

THat was so amazing. I have tears coming down my cheeks. Myles got a great kick out of it too and Piper has pushed play a dozen times. It is so funny the way he speeds up and slows down.

amber buhrley said...

So cute! Love the booty shake. Porter has watched it with me 3 times, wanted to show matt 3 times, then just informed us that grandma already showed him all 3! Now he is booty shakin himself! Oh wait, now he is flying like superman!