Friday, June 18, 2010

Army Birthday Parade

In June, the Army had a big celebration of its birthday (not sure how many years). There were celebrations at many of the facilities on base. The daycare center did their own celebration by putting on a little parade. It was darling. All the classrooms made their own posters and hats and decorations.

Here come the toddlers. Guess they knew toddlers will just run every-which-way unless they contained them. Smart people.

Man, I need me one of these kinds of strollers...

Here comes Spencer's class...

Yup...that's still him waving the little blowing horn. He thought it was supposed to be waved cuz it had little streamers at the end.

(that says "Hourly Toddler")

I'm a sucker for all this kind of stuff. Too cute. Spencer had a good time. I think he especially loved the painting when they were making their signs...getting his hands in the squishy-ness of it all. He wasn't a fan of the sun...FINALLY he takes after me in something.

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Randi said...

What a cute idea for the kids. I just have to wonder what you would do with a stroller like that. Do you want it for the 5 more kids you are going to have??? Just wondering!