Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5th Grade Graduation

I've had this post started for about six months. I'm in denial about it because five minutes into the graduation ceremony, my battery ran out so I had to switch cameras.  Then, somehow I lost the entire memory card with all of the pictures on it. I keep thinking I'll find it, but I think deep down I know I won't. I even was holding out for one of their friends to look through their own pictures to see if they might have gotten any with the girls in it.  But you know how responsible this age group is? I never heard back from her.

So, you get a quick look at the girls 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony.

Yup, only managed to get a picture of Xoe
Program cover and back. Xanthe is in Mrs. Florido's class on the far left.

Inside of Program... Xoe was in Ms. Batt's class.

Both girls made the Honor Roll but for the life of me I can't find Xoe's. One of the best things about having older girls is they start to keep their stuff stored in their own places. The downside? I never know where anything is when I try to go find it. They have some system of keeping their memory papers, but it's obviously not organized.  That's another project I"ll be working on soon.

Right before the ceremony started.  Spencer and I love to take pictures like this.

This is the only other thing I have from their graduation. It's a half sheet cardstock "Good Luck" card.  I kept thinking they received some sort of diploma, but nope, this is it.  Kinda odd to me, but whatever.  It's fun and it's only graduation from 5th Grade. :)

Great job girls!  I am so proud of you!  Now onto 6th Grade posts. :)

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Randi said...

You confused me with this one. I was wondering why the school year was over already (I forgot they are in 6th grade). Bummer about your camera. It took us 3 trips to the zoo to finally get pictures. Once I forgot the SD card and the next time the battery was dead. The life of a mom!