Thursday, July 21, 2011

Date Night

The night Pirate's of the Caribbean came out, Brian and I had arranged with Brittany and the girls to go on a date.  Before we left, the girls had surprised us and made us this awesome basket.  There were free movie tickets, popcorn, sodas, candy and a bunch of fun notes. Isn't this cute?  They really are such sweet girls.

A few of the pictures were taken with my phone so they turned out blurry. This is when they brought us up to show us.

Then I found all these pictures taken on the girls' camera. Xanthe and Spencer had a fun time of it. 

Dirty face! Yay.

Aren't these pictures awesome? 

These girls are just so beautiful, it floors me.  It was fun to come home to see all these pictures.  Thanks girls for the awesome date night and for helping to watch Spencer.


Randi said...

The picture 4 up from the bottom is my FAV! They really are amazing girls. I am amazed at how thoughtful they are at this age when most pre teens can only think of themselves! I hope you enjoyed the movie!

Christy said...

That's Xanthe's favorite too. :)