Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making Pizza

Before the girls left for the states, we only had about one week in between the end of school and their Girls' Camp.  Then they left a few days later.  I wanted to do just some "at home" activities, and making pizza was one at the top of the list.  The girls, as usual, immediately assume it's not going to be fun... until I show them how much fun it is.  That part came when they saw me rolling the dough out, throwing it up in the air like a real Italian pizza maker and singing in an Italian accent, 

Whatsa Matta You, Hey! 
Why you lookin so sad, Hey! 
It'sa not so bad, Hey! 
It's a Nice-a Place, Hey! 
Shut-up-a Yo' Face!

These were kind of fake smiles. I was teaching them how to  knead the bread (even though the Kitchenaid mixer had done most of it for them, I still wanted to teach them).

Passing the time while waiting for the dough to rise...

Wanna know what they were watching?  They are the silliest videos, but Spencer LOVED them.  They watched this same one about 10 or 15 times.

This is where they started really getting into it because I had thrown some up in the air.  They were learning that they couldn't roll it too thin or when they threw it, a hole would open up. :)

Xoe's BBQ Chicken Pizza

Xanthe's Traditional Cheese & Olive Pizza

They turned out so good.  Great job guys.  Here is what Xoe posted on her blog about pizza making.

So for the summer we decided to do all sorts of fun crafts and other things. And so we made pizzas today. At first Xanthe and I didn't really want to do it, but then when my mom started throwing dough around and throwing flour on our faces we changed our minds. Making pizza is actually way funner than I thought and it is a good chance to get messy. One of the best things though is that Spencer was sleeping so it was a lot easier. It was SO much fun!


Anonymous said...

"and it's a good chance to get messy." Hahaha!


Mac said...

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