Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Awards Ceremony

Just expect that you will see an awards ceremony post about 4 times a year as it seems the girls get such good grades that they are at least on the High Honors (3.5-3.99 GPA, Grade Point Average, only 1 or 2 B's) or, as in Xoe's case this year, the Principal's List (4.0 GPA, or all A's).  Xanthe would have earned a place on this List too but one of her teachers didn't grade an assignment in time that she needed to fix, so by the time he gave it back to her she didn't have time to fix it before the end of the quarter.  (She was up until midnight trying to fix it and in tears... I finally told her to go to bed that it wasn't worth it.)  

So, props to both of them!  I am seriously so proud of them. They are the busiest girls I know and yet they manage to get such good grades in their very difficult classes.  Here are some pictures of the first ceremony of the school year.  I expect to go to another one in a few weeks as we just ended another quarter.


She is so dang pretty, I can't stand it! (Her good friend's Grace is sort of hidden behind her and Marissa to the left of Xanthe in a Coca Cola shirt)

I have to add that another parent and I were so impressed with how many of their 7th Grade class earned a place on either the Honor Roll, High Honors or Principal's List.  One could opine that possibly their studies are too early, but I know the work the girls have had to do and it is difficult. So this really says something about the teachers and the faculty on how great of a job they are doing!

I didn't get any good pictures of Xoe alone and these ones are kind of blurry.  But this is Xoe, Katie Peters, Christine Arnold and Katryn Brown, all really good friends of the girls, and all with straight A's).

Xanthe Villa, Jazmine Reed, Xoe Villa and Christine Arnold
Great job girls!!!!!

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