Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seeing the Christmas Lights at the Los Angeles Temple

During Christmastime it's a favorite to visit the temple lights. They adorn the grounds with some pretty impressive light displays.  This year we stopped by after we saw The Muppets with the Schultz family since the theater was somewhat nearby.

Here's a link to a full shot of the temple. I didn't get any of this view (in fact these are Nan's and Brian's pictures), but thought I'd post one for my friends who don't know what it looks like.

Spencer & Brian

Myles (Nan's husband), Grammy Schultz, back of Grandpa Schultz and Xoe striking a pose

Xanthe, Rocky, Piper, Porter, Archer and Xoe (don't know who those people are in the back)

Piper, Nan, Myles, Rocky & Archer (cute li'l family)

And of course I had to jump in one!  (Me, Archer and Nan)

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