Monday, March 16, 2009

Spencer World-Random Pics from New York

In Spencer's World...

...His Sisters Like to Play Real-Live Dollies With Him...
(Here we were waiting outside for Brian and the girls changed his diaper in the back and thought it would be funny to buckle him in like a big kid...)

...He Can't Move when Dressed in Snow Clothes...'s all 'SOCKS', all the time...


Randi said...

I just hope they are clean socks!

Bee and Rose said...

Your little sock eating cutie pie is so darn adorable!

Thank you so much for the very kind words! I have been in the same boat! I am a major lurker of your blog:) We've hit our busy time with Irish dance the last few months and I've been way behind in my comment love too!

I just try to fly through and read everything I can when I have a free moment. As a homeschool mom, my days get busy in the mornings!

Hope you'll stop by again:) I promise to be better with the comment love!

Bee and Rose said...

(One of my best friends lives where you are...she homeschools her daughter!)

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