Saturday, March 14, 2009

Take A Commercial Break

How We Spent Xoe & Xanthe's Birthday While in New Jersey

Xoe and Xanthe have fallen in love. With a guy named Johnny. Johnny Rockets.

They had never been there before, until we were "living" in New Jersey. We went three times while we were there. It helped that it was in the mall right down the street from our "apartment" hotel AND the girls are TOTAL mall shoppers.

But don't take my word for it. Let me let them tell you why they loved it. (And they actually typed this themselves.)

Me: Girls, tell me why you love Johnny Rockets so much.

Xanthe: They have good food and it's so cheap! My favorite part is that they have your own little jukebox and a cup full of nickels and we got to pick any song we wanted. I picked La Bamba, Twist, and Little Old Lady from Pasadena (thank you Showbiz! that was mom typing that.). I loved the banana split and the arcade games in the back.

Xoe: I loved the jukebox that they had on your table. Their burgers were so good and one of the times I ate a huge hot dog. The waitresses were so nice to us and came to talk to us a lot. It was so cool because they danced and sang for us because it was our birthday and we got to decorate as many hats as we wanted.

This is in the movie theater inside the mall. Brian took the girls to see Coraline. They thought it would be funny, however, to pose like Inspector Clouseau.

And here we are cruisin the mall. He loves his new carrier (see previous post). (And ya, Ruth, he wasn't supposed to be turned that way but we were tryin it out anyhow.)


Randi said...

Am I having a blonde moment? I always thought Johnny Rockets was similar to Hooters...only with male waters. I can't imagine that you would take your 10 year olds there so I must be wrong. At least I hope I am!

Alicia said...

Oh, the sock in the mouth kills me! I love it. How fun are you guys? I'm totally jealous.
Yeah, Wicked. Everyone keeps on telling me how filthy it is. Is it bad that I don't it's THAT bad? I mean, it's pretty crass in parts, but maybe I'm just so desensitized... who knows. Tell me what you think. :)

amber buhrley said...

I just keep thinking about how sad you would be ifyou really would have lost your camera. All these fun pictures. Sorry I just cant get past it.