Sunday, March 15, 2009

The White House


The "North" Side View (aka the "front" ask I call it)

We actually visited The White House on the second day in D.C. On the first day, we had gone there on our tour and gotten out to visit it, but when we got to the "South" side (the "back", which is the most popular view), there were Secret Service men blocking any close view of it. When we asked why (because of course my idiot-filter was off thinking that "I" could just candidly speak to the SECRET SERVICE. But they were actually very nice and very talkative. I got a lot of information out of them on most of our trip), we were told that Obama was standing outside. They didn't know for what reason... "a photo op, getting ready for a motorcade, or to smoke a cigarette. Could be anything. But whenever he goes outside, we have to block any clear views (aka, shots) of the house."

This information was the girls' undoing! They were already excited to be so close to the President but to have him OUTSIDE was just more than they could bear. They went on and on about how THEY wanted to become a Secret Service Agent so they could meet the President and of course took their mom's lead by asking the Secret Service guys all sorts of questions about how to become one. I don't think they realized that by the time they were old enough, Obama would be long gone.

And yes, my girls are Obama fans. (Keep your political comments to yourself please). I know they have no idea what his views are, it's simply the fact that they were old enough to understand the elections and old enough to get caught up in an election that was history-making. And they witnessed not only the election, but also the Inauguration that happened only 3 weeks before. They are also at the age where they can start feeling hope and patriotism for their country.

I was very proud of them and am allowing them to form their own opinions, good or bad. Even though I voted for Obama (hissss... I can hear from the crowd), I am not influencing them into their support for the President. I don't think they even know who I voted for, even though they've asked. I've kept my political views to myself and am allowing them to enjoy the feeling of their country, give their support for whatever President is in Office, and figure out what they stand for without my own personal views coming into play.

So! If you see my girls wearing an Obama t-shirt, or one of the pins they bought in Washington D.C., please keep your comments to yourself (as a few of you have not done). Please don't kill the spirit in these fine young girls. They are, simply, just displaying their pride in being an American and support for their Leader, no matter who would have been voted into office.

Maybe we could all learn a little something from two 10-year olds from Sierra Vista, AZ.

Climbing on some building steps around the coner, as we were walking from the "North" Side to the "South". It was REALLY cold that day.

And I digress....
This next picture is of the "North" Side. We found out from one of the Secret Service that there is no "front" or "back" as Brian and I were wondering (amongst some of our new conversational topics). There is only a "North" and "South" side. The picture below is the "North" Side (although I still think of it as the "front").

While we were at the "front", we waved to the Secret Service Agent inside the booth at the front gate (you can kind of see the little booth house behind the gate in the next picture. I loved this picture cuz I was really impressed with all the wrought iron that was around the House, let alone how cool are these lanterns?) to come talk to us (seriously? Who am I? No fear, I tell you. Oh ya. I'm a Startup. Ya, that's where I get it... No shame whatsoever. How sad). We wanted to know what they were taking down. It was like this big metal structure right in front of the gates so that it made it hard to get a good look at the House. He was so nice and continued to tell us all about how they were still taking down the big "stand" that was used for the Inauguration. 3 weeks later? That seems like a long time. He must have read my mind cuz he continued to say, "Nice to see our tax dollars being used for such an efficient and quick job." He was obviously being sarcastic and made me chuckle that even they have their own opinions too!? Duh, Christy!

Next picture is the "South" side. The most famous side. We finally got to see it the second day. This was where they were blocking it when we went the day before. The girls were still trying to see if they could catch a glimpse of "something" Obama.

Next picture: At first I thought this Panda was some sort of "something" they were doing for the tourists for the White House and I was trying desperately to find some meaning, some corroboration, if you will, of how the Panda fit with being in front of the White House.
There wasn't.
Just some random crazy teenagers wanting some attention.
I was actually embarrassed we took a picture with them. hahaha.

Only picture of me. hehe. How model-ish do I look?! Woohoo! Brian caught this one of me. I kinda look like I'm off in deep thought about how wonderful this city is, don't I? Wanna know what I was looking/thinking? I was deeply disturbed by the Panda and intently watching it trying to find some meaning. As my mom says, "You can't make Sense of Nonsense"
This next picture is another cool view walking around from the front to back. I know, random of me to take this picture, huh? But I really loved the look of turning this corner with all the wrought iron.
Next Stop: The Smithsonians! (Ya don't get turned off like I was when I heard "Museum". I love museums but sometimes they can all become the same after visiting museum after museum in different cities. But surprisingly, these ones became part of my favorite places!)

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Randi said...

I would love to see The White House. Brent loves history and the idea of going to DC sounds like such a great vacation. What a fun opportunity for the girls to see it in person. I bet it made for a wonderful social studies lesson!