Monday, November 9, 2009


Today is my sister Amber's birthday. I can't believe she's 30, yet I can. She's been acting 30 far longer than many of 30 year olds I know. But so jealous that she's never looked it, and probably won't for many years to come.

I did a tribute post to her last year, and was going to do another one this year. But I re-read last year's and couldn't help but say "Ditto" to everything I said. So PLEASE go to last year's post, and know that I say "Amen" to it all.

Did I forget anything? Oh, the fact that she just gave birth a little over a month ago to the most darling baby ever, Lily. And she is doing so amazingly with the whole baby process. Just like in Amber-style, she's just carrying on. Haha.

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Amber. I couldn't resist posting this picture of our reunion 2 months ago 9 months pregnant. Love you and miss you!

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