Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The MARK TWAIN Fire Drill

Before we move on to telling you about their new school, I haven't posted an event from their old school, Mark Twain Elementary.

Xoe was chosen to participate in the Fire Rescue. I was invited to come to see it all happen but had no idea what I was in store. It was really exciting, especially since I happened to drive in right behind the fire trucks. I was amazed to see that it was actually the city of Heidelberg's Fire trucks. I don't know why I thought the base would have had their own...I knew they didn't, I just didn't think that far. There were at least four fire trucks driving in and probably 10 firemen. I was so impressed that they would come do this fun thing for the kids.

These are the kids walking out of the school, acting as if there was a real fire drill. Okay, no, this isn't a random picture of kids. I wish I knew how to draw arrows on pictures like some of you guys do, but click on the picture and see if you recognize anyone you know. That's Xanthe in the yellow shirt just about to cross behind a pillar.

Here is Xanthe with a bunch of kids from their class rooting Xoe on. At one point they were chanting her name, "Xo-E! Xo-E! Xo-E!"

I don't know why I love these next two pictures. It just shows how "real" they were making it. This was right before Xoe got picked up.

I took some videos so you could watch it all happen. The first one I posted cuz I love that you can see Xoe waving. If you listen in the background her friends are super excited. I missed the part where they were chanting.

Here's where Xoe gets into the cage. Partway through you hear me having a conversation with their teacher Ms. Burrus. I say "Oh my gosh! I'm so glad they worked it out." Well they had just 'rescued' Ms. Burrus right before Xoe and she was telling me that Xoe almost backed out of doing this whole thing cuz she was scared. But then Frou Thow said she could ride with her. Can I tell you how much I love Frou Thow? The girls do too. She is their "Host Nation" teacher who teaches all the kids German terms and phrases. Her English accent is a proper British one which makes me love her even more. She's one of the teachers who cried when the girls left and gave them a little gift. It's no surprise that it was her that helped Xoe not feel so scared.

Xoe said that once she got in she wasn't scared anymore and had a great time. Halfway through, though, they asked her if she was afraid of heights. Since she was the last one, they decided to have a little fun with the whole rescue, and extended the ladder all the way up. I can't remember how far they told me they went but it was about 6 stories. Know that I'm afraid of heights, so that's why I make the comment at the beginning.

Xoe and Frou Thow shaking the fireman's hand.

All the "rescued". Ms. Burrus is in the blue shirt.

Glad you guys are all safe! hehe.

Oh and by the way, Xanthe was not at all forgotten. She was chosen to do the Morning Announcements for a week over the loud intercom.

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Randi said...

What a fun day for the girls. I am glad that they have had such a great experience at their school. Lets hope the new school is just as wonderful.