Thursday, December 24, 2009


Most of you have received my Christmas card. I wanted to wait to post these til after I had sent all our cards out. (For those of my friends overseas, you get to see what our Christmas card is before you receive it. How fun for you!)

I wish I could have had all these pictures I'm posting on my card. The kids were so dang cute. Spencer was the hardest to get on camera, but not cuz he was being naughty. It was because all he wanted to do was watch the cars race by. We had to catch him right as the car was passing.

Enjoy these pictures and we hope you all have a great Christmas!


Alicia said...

Darling! And, you are looking hott, my friend. (Yeah, that's with two t's. You deserve it.)

Beth said...

I loved all the pictures!! My favorite is the funny face one. it's great!

Your girls are getting so beautiful and I agree with look pretty good too!

Kath said...

Beautiful pictures! And I do look amazing!

Erin said...

You have such a beautiful family AND you are all very photogenic! Thanks for the pictures!

We miss you a lot! It looks like you are having tons of fun over there!

Rachel said...

loved your card and totally love all these too!! what a great looking family! and yes, you are super hot!!