Monday, December 7, 2009


Heather just got on a plane to fly back. I'm so sad right now cuz she was here for over two weeks.

Wow. What a fun time we had. She is a ball of fun wherever she goes. Not the obnoxious kind. Just a natural part of her that rubs off on people. I was constantly feeling guilty that I am so un-fun and didn't have enough for us to do. haha. She totally deserved a vacation though, just to sit back and do nothin! That girls works harder than I can even imagine.

We had such a great time. My brother Harrison was here at the beginning but had to fly back. I was sad to see him go too. He hasn't ever been to Europe before and will be going on a mission soon. I'm so glad he was able to have a last hurrah for awhile!

I surprised him by taking him to Italy for his birthday. He kept saying he wanted to go but I told him it was too expensive and not feasible to fit into the 10 days he was here. I found $10 tickets on Ryanair to Venice. We had a great time. Harrison...please get your pictures developed. I need to see what kind of pictures turned out on your throwaway cameras.

We also took a trip to Paris. It was quite cold, but we had a good time nonetheless. The last day we were there we were so bummed cuz everything was closed, including the catacombs and the Palace of Versailles. But leave it to H&H to find fun in it. We left them to go exploring off on their own and they went running around Notre Dame plaza singing french songs, eating at a cafe and people watching. Heather...PLEASE post the videos. They are hilarious.

Some German things we did was take them to the Black Forest, riding down the Rodelbahn, going to a Christmas Market ( favorite part about christmas over here), and shopping in downtown Wiesbaden.

While Heather was here on her own, we went out to dinner in a small town at a fun restaurant, she helped me clean out my closet and put outfits together to get some more style, drank probably 4 cases of Diet Cokes WITH ICE (she made me buy a whole bag of ice cuz she was going through withdrawals), saw "New Moon" with Xoe and Xanthe, got addicted to Gossip Girl and Arrested Development (yes both of us hadn't seen them yet), slept in for hours, contracted strep throat (just heather, not me) and experienced German's amazing healthcare system, talked me into starting Alli pills, and made amazing food and dinners. Fun times, fun times! Oh, and did I mention making 3 batches of our amazing chocolate chip cookies (including one batch that turned out chocolate CHOCOLATE chip cookies, since we only had chocolate pudding) and 2 batches of German Pancakes with Butter Syrup. F'amazing!

I had such a great time with her. She was so helpful around the house...helping with Spencer, doing dishes and cleaning, as well as helping the girls with their homework, letting them have sleepovers with her and making Christmas crafts. I told her that she and her soon-to-be husband should come over and live with us! She could be my au pair. :) Wouldn't that be fun? But then we both realized that I would want her to go places with me, rather than watching the kids so I could go. haha. Oh well. I'll just have to talk them into coming over as part of their honeymoon!

Pictures...I don't think I'll post any right now. I started to go through pictures to post but they're all Heather's pictures which I'm sure she'll post soon. If not, I'll post some. She posted many of them on her Facebook account. So, when she posts on her blog, I'll just point you over there.

Miss you Heather and Harrison. (Oh and Harrison, if you get this...don't be jealous, but Heather just texted me to say she had a whole row to herself on the long flight over.)

It's a good thing I get to see them this weekend (the kids and I are flying back to the states for a month). I'm off to pack!

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