Monday, December 21, 2009


Last Monday I had the biggest epiphany. Spencer is 18 months! Do you know what that means? He can go to nursery at church! Woohoo! That is a huge milestone for me, even though he's really not that bad of a baby at church.

How is it that my little (big) baby 18 months? But what a cutie he is...He's my little boyfriend and I totally dig him!

Here are a few things about him...

1. He weighs 32 pounds, is more than 1/2 the height of his sisters, wears a size 6 diaper (most toddlers stop wearing diapers at size 5) and is the same size as his 3 and 4-year-old cousins. He's just so cute though! :)

2. He has had a full set of teeth for about 5 months now.

3. He walks, almost runs, all over the place. He definitely fits the meaning of why they are called "toddlers." He looks like he is toddling back and forth when he walks.

4. He hates sitting in his stroller, but loves his car seat.

5. He loves escalators. Could go up and down them all day, which much to his benefit, his sisters love them too.

6. He has the most serene, yet inquisitive nature about him. He's very quiet, mostly cuz he's exploring the house or his surroundings. He loves to watch people and animals...and he isn't destructive. He'll walk over to something and gently touch his finger to it. My mom doesn't even have to worry about him being in the same room with all her ceramic nativities and Christmas decorations.

7. He is such a daddy's boy. He is a completely different person when Brian is around. It was especially notable during this trip when Brian wasn't around for the last 10 days. Then when we went to pick him up at the airport, Spencer has been all giggles and very clingy to Brian. It's very cute (and secretly I LOVE IT!)

8. He loves, loves, loves to read books and his favorite toy is the wooden beads on the wires that I thought no kid ever liked. We even found a miniature one and I made sure I found a place for it on the plane even though it didn't fit anywhere.

He has the funniest quirks about him. I was trying to capture all of them on camera but I figured I might as well post before I had them all. Here are a few:

1. He will drink his bottle without hands! (Yes, he still drinks a bottle. It's my saving grace on the planes and wherever we travel. My dentist brother-in-law is probably shaking his head. Awww, come on...everyone else still has their kids on a pacifier. No judgments, ya?)

2. He "skis" everything. He'll find two of something and if they slide on the floor, he'll put two hands on it, get on all fours and ski around the room. From DVD cases, to books, to toys, to CD's...anything that will slide. Watch this next video.

3. He loves the colors orange and blue. Random, I know. But anytime there is a toy that has different colored blocks, rings, etc., he will pull them all out of the bucket and find the orange and blue ones. 

(I just remembered why I stopped writing this. I think I wanted to post a video but my videos weren't uploading. I don't think I want to go back and find it.  Plus, I think I wanted to post more of his quirks but this is good for now.  This gem was definitely fun to find. :) )

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Randi said...

This is one of my favorite posts ever! This is the Spencer I remember. I miss him!!! I also have to laugh because as you were sharing his height and weight I realized that he was WAY bigger at 18 months than Brenna is now at almost 3! She weighs 26 pounds...hehe (Harlow will be more like Spencer!)