Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Celebration!

Yes, it’s true.  The girls are 12.  How time flies!  I love those girls to pieces!

I think I’m more aware than they are of how big of a milestone the age of 12 is right now and in the future.  I wanted to do fun things for them and make it really special.  Usually we do big parties but they have made a couple of comments about two things that I thought I’d incorporate. 

The first is the breakthrough door!  My sister-in-law, Ruth, does this with her kids for their birthday.  They have to sort of break out of it in the morning.  I thought about doing poster paper, but they wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and I didn’t want them freaking out cuz they weren’t oriented enough to know what was going on and be strong enough to break through it.  haha.  So, I did streamers. 

Xanthe’s Door

Bday Door Decor 002

Xoe’s Door

Bday Door Decor 003

Xanthe was seriously groggy that morning. I let them sleep in until 9:30 a.m. and go to school late.  Xanthe was still groggy even when I woke her up at 9:30. She looks trashed huh?  Too many late night and very early mornings getting up for school.

Bday Door Decor 005

I hung a happy birthday sign. Yes, it’s a train, but come on!  I used all this stuff from our Birthday Box (described below) and this was an amazing sign that my friend Randi had used to surprise Spencer and I on his first birthday.  So, I had to save it and reuse it. Smile

Bday Door Decor 006

Birthday Box

The infamous “Birthday Box.” My mom, one year for Christmas, made one of these for each of her kids that had children.  It comes stocked with everything you need for a party.  Cake mix, goody bags, streamers, signs, etc., etc. I actually didn’t realize how much I would use it until I had it.  She periodically replenishes stuff for us, and I’ll throw things in there as well. 

Bday Door Decor 007


Bday Door Decor 008-cropped


Birthday Breakfast

The second thing the girls said they wanted to do like their famous aunt Ruth does, is to make their favorite breakfast.  So, I made pumpkin pancakes with Butter Syrup and whipped cream, bacon and scrambled eggs.  Here are the kids before going to school. Brian even stayed home long enough to have their birthday breakfast (but secretly I think it’s cuz he LOOOOOVES Butter Syrup). 

Bday Breakfast 003

And I’m surprised Spencer’s eyes are open in the picture above.  He has “Nanette Syndrome” (sorry, Nan, I had to).  She’s my sister who cannot keep her eyes open in pictures for the life of her. She has to look away during picture time.  It cracks me up like you wouldn’t believe.   As you can see from the majority of remaining pictures below, I could not get his eyes open, even when I practiced with the double flash or turned off the red eye flash.  haha.  Anyway, Spencer is here sans shirt cuz Butter Syrup is dang sticky and I did NOT want to deal with the mess.

Bday Breakfast 004  Bday Breakfast 005

Bday Breakfast 006


Bday Breakfast 008

Spirit Day

It just so happened that their birthday is on a Friday. Every Friday is Spirit Day and they’re supposed to wear blue and gold. Well, one of their favorite school counselors gave them some blue and gold hair paint.  I asked them like 10 times if it was going to be okay, and they said, “Yes! Mr. Haines GAVE it to us!”  It obviously made them super happy cuz look at those smiles!

Bday Blue Hair 001


Bday Blue Hair 002


Young Women Welcome

So many people made their birthday special.  One of those people was a girl named Sarah Anderson.  She is the Young Women’s President (the “Young Women” is the teenage group in our church that you have to be 12 to move into).  For awhile she was the only one in Young Women’s.  Can you imagine how excited she was to have 3 extra girls come in (I’ll explain the 3rd girl below)?  She drove all the way to our house after school (we live about 15 minutes from the base) to bring them these special treats.  How sweet, huh? 


YW Sarah A. Cupcakes 001

(Ignore Xoe’s orange one.  She couldn’t keep her fingers off of it before I took a picture. Smile)YW Sarah A. Cupcakes 003


I’ll post about our dinner for tomorrow’s post!


Randi said...

I love so much about this post. I love my shout out...I can't believe you saved that Happy Birthday sign. I love the picture of Spencer with his eyes open. I love the birthday box idea. I love how beautiful your girls are and what great girls they are growing up to be. I wish they were around here to provide a good example to my Brenna. Happy Birthday Xoe and Xanthe! We love you both!

Kerstin said...

And I love that you blogged again!

Butter syrup AND bacon TOGETHER sounds disgusting. But how can I tell? ;-)

I love the streamers. It's Christof's birthday today and I would have loved to make streamers but it's difficult when you sleep in the same room. And it was me this morning who opened the door anyway. But I have garlands.

I thought I needed to comment more often because I love to have comments. But somehow I only ended up talking about myself...

oliver said...

Thanks for the Shout outs. My boys LOVE this tradition. Tell your friend, Kertin, to just do the streamers on the bottom half of the door. That way she can climb out. We call this bustin in to year 12!!!! SO sad not to be there!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my X&X!!!!

Kerstin said...

Ruth, that's a good idea! I might still do it for tonight when he is coming home from work. We haven't celebrated anyway.