Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black History Month-Step Performance

This is the girls' FIRST Step Team Performance.  If you watched the first one I posted (but was their last performance) you can definitely tell the difference in how much better their confidence level became from what it was at the beginning.  The girls were extremely nervous for this show... especially cuz they were told they weren't allowed to have any emotion on their faces but were told to have attitude.  They hadn't figured that out yet.  

This is the "Goal Den Steppers" Team.  They're making a "GDS" with their hands.  Can you see the difference in their costumes than the last performance? By the end all they wore were their t-shirts. haha.

This performance was about an hour away at another base for their Step Teacher's organization to celebrate Black History Month. Again, they were last to perform, but we thought it would only take about an hour to get to it.  But after three hours and we were only about 1/2 of the way through the program, we were kind of wondering when we wold actually get out of there.  It was pretty fun though because the group just took their time in the honoring and appreciation of their heritage. There were some pretty amazing messages and speeches and musical numbers.   Spencer got pretty bored.

Showing off the cake

The next few pictures of Spencer trying to entertain himself by running with the kids in the back.  The video is of him, at one point, trying to play trains (we think) with a little girl and we're not quite sure if she was playing along and just walking, or if she was annoyed by him. Either way, we think it's funny for some reason.

This is him "bored."  Playing games on the iphone, legs propped up on the table and just "kickin" it.  All in all, he did pretty well.

So, here's the performance. It's long... 9 minutes.  You don't have to watch the whole thing, but if you want to, just think of it like you are there at the performance and you can sit through the whole thing.  They do a few more different steps than the other posted performance, because they weren't kicked off the stage. :)  Oh, and their Step Teacher is at the bottom right with the pink weaved into her hair.  Her name is Ms. Brown and she's the one singing at the beginning.

And this about sums it up.. they're VERY tired after their performance.

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Lokodi said...

What an awesome performance! Your girls are amazing. It looks like that would be so much fun. When is their next performance? I want to come!