Sunday, February 27, 2011

X&X Bday Dinner with the Busby’s

(I’m sorry this post took a long time to get up on the blog. It actually has been finished for awhile, but due to some pictures of spencer that I really wanted on this post, but needed to be photoshopped, made it take forever.  You’ll see the pictures below.  They’re so cute of him but show the state of his teeth.  You have to understand, he was born with really weird shaped teeth, especially the front ones… had this hump cut out in the middle of each one.  We thought they would smooth out over time, but they didn’t. They actually started decaying really fast.  Yes, he drinks a bottle, but we have tried very hard, especially the past 6 months to brush his teeth a lot, as well as make sure he didn’t have a bottle at night.   The dentist thinks it’s a mixture of a couple of things, and one of them is that he got his first two teeth at 2 months old and they just weren’t healthy teeth to begin with… healthy teeth don’t run in my family.  Anyway, Brian tried photoshopping it to blur it but it just made it look worse.  So… we’re working on getting his teeth looked at, but seriously, the pictures are so cute of him I couldn’t pass it up.  Long explanation short-that’s why it took so long for this post.)

Continuation of Birthday Celebration

Ashley Busby, the one in the green and black shirt, has the same exact birthday as the girls.  They were born only a few hours apart.  So, she is the third girl going into Young Women’s with the girls.  Her mom and I are good friends so we decided to celebrate their birthday by going out to dinner.  Emma, the one in the black jacket is Ashley’s younger sister, but she gets along just as well with the twins.


This turned out to be a much fancier Italian restaurant than we thought.  They were not happy to have us there.  They got us our food quickly so we would get out of there.  They actually asked us a few times to put away toys that Spencer was playing with.  Brian was more upset than I was, probably because he saw the person who had complained… it was a woman who was there WITH her six year old son! Who was she to complain?  Anyway, the waitress kept giving him dirty looks so he was frustrated. But other than that, we had such a great time. The food was amazing and it was just fun to be there with our friends.  I definitely would go back for a date night. Smile I thought it was an awesome fancy restaurant.Busby-Bday-Dinner-003_thumb2

Ashley’s parents are on the right (Sarah and Brady) and her aunt is the one in blue (Holly) who had just flown over from the states.Busby-Bday-Dinner-005_thumb2

Of all things when hanging out with your friends for your birthday at a fancy restaurant, you all read Scary Stories Books???? Sarah and I couldn’t help but laugh. But hey, if that’s their thing!  They probably were looking for stories to tell at the next night’s slumber party.Busby-Bday-Dinner-007_thumb2


Now you can see why I had to post these.  I told you! He can’t keep his eyes open. But cute huh? This kid actually loves the camera now. He will stand and pose for you when you have the camera on him.

Busby Bday Dinner 013


Busby Bday Dinner 016

We decided we should go back home to open presents so we went to the Busby’s house right around the corner.  Spencer wanted to help open presents.Busby-Bday-Dinner-017_thumb2




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Matt said...

Sounds like a full fun birthday!

Matt said...

oops, its actually amber saying that, logged in as matt. Haha! could you imagine him saying that!

Randi said...

First of all, don't feel like you have to explain anything to people that read your blog about Spencer. I didn't notice anything abnormal about his teeth...I couldn't get past his cuteness!

Second, I love that they are reading scary stories. I actually have those books from when I was younger. I am glad that the girls had a good birthday. I can't wait to read more.