Monday, May 9, 2011

How We Spent Easter

Mostly just pictures...  We had a great day... 

Easter Egg Hunt
For the girls,we made the hunt much more difficult and 12 of those eggs were money eggs... in different denominations- Euros, Dollars, some a lot of bills and some only a couple of coins.  While I was finishing up our booyah Easter breakfast, Brian and Brittany hid the eggs really well, and some of them were in high places. The girls had to get creative to find them.

Brian wanted me to caveat these pictures of why our grass was so long.  It wasn't because he was negligent to our yard, we had just had a rainstorm and the rain just shoots up really fast after one of them.  haha.  Okay, Brian, we don't hate you cuz of our long grass.  It actually made the hunt more fun.

Spencer was very funny about the Easter Egg Hunt.  He only wanted one of each color.  Brian kept helping him find other ones but he would take them out of this basket and go put them back where Brian had picked it up from. He also didn't even want the basketball or baseball ones either.  I should have bought ones in the shapes of trains, trucks or tractors.  haha.

I know there are lots of pictures of Spencer in the grass, but I just love his face and personality in them.  These are definitely ones I want to remember. :)

This is my kitchen window.  The funny thing is that all Brian did was reach his arm up and set the egg up there. It was every man for himself to get that one down.  

A little black shed house we have out back.  

He wasn't happy that there are two greens and two yellows so he took them out and put them back in the grass and on the house ledge.

Love this picture.
Wanted me to follow him.

Checking out his finds.  He didn't eat anything except the chocolate peanut butter candies.  The M&M's and the Peanut Butter Cups.  The other ones went into our family pot of candy.  Woohoo!  I'm not sure how the basketball one ended up in there because he was adamant about not wanting one.

Check out the look he's giving me. :)

 Spencer was trying to crack the egg open.
I didn't get pictures of the rest of our day but we had a great day at church.  I hope you all had a great Easter.

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Randi said...

Spencer is such a funny kid. I love that he is more worried about quality rather than quantity. I love that boy! I also want to know if I get to use the grass excuse during monsoon season? It looks like all of the kids had a great time hunting eggs. Glad it was a nice day for your family.