Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spencer's Sandbox Addiction

Our awesome friends, the Hancocks, had this sandbox, a Thomas couchbed and a push bike that they gave to us the day before Easter.  We decided to stop by the store on the way home from her house and pick up some sand. From that point on, this little boy has not wanted to do anything else except go outside into his sandbox.  He is in heaven.  You know that he's addicted when it's raining and he wants to go out even with no clothes on, or he hates shoes any other time except for when he wants to go outside... and then he'll go get his shoes and bring them to me to put them on.

(Sorry about the bad pictures.  Again, cameraphone)

Thank you Felicity. You, as one of his church teachers, know him all too well to know that these gifts (especially the Thomas couchbed) was a perfect gift for him.  


Alicia said...

Oh... Jake and Spencer really, really need to be besties.

Randi said...

I have been trying to comment on this for like 2 whole days and blogger has been down so here it goes. I am so in love with the second picture! He looks like the sweetest little boy on the planet. Brent and I have been talking about getting Brenna a sandbox this summer and after this post I am sold. I hope she loves it as much as Spencer does!