Friday, March 5, 2010

Airport Coming Home

I really hate those leashes moms put on their kids that are like backpacks. Actually I think they're so ridiculous looking. If I had to use one, I'd much rather have it just be a few straps across the kids' chest. But why a stupid looking stuffed animal that looks like he's crawling up his back and going to smother kid?

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures...You can tell how much spencer hates it too.

This was at the airport coming home. Remember? 3 kids, one being a toddler, and a lap dog...a puppy chihuahua to be exact... and me alone as their chaperone. My only saving grace was that my mom could come inside security gates all the way to the gate. She saved me. But once I got to my layover and Spencer wanted nothing to do with his stroller, and I didn't have enough hands to carry everything, we had no other choice but to use this.

Here are two more pictures that depict our airport experience.

This is the girls' picture of their "baby", I mean dog. *sigh*

And you can see the whole clan. What you can't see is me behind the camera with our huge stroller loaded up with 5 other carryons, including a dog kennel, and food and big jackets.

So, like I said, desperate times call for desperate measures. I now can't despise the leashes anymore, cuz I now own one. Haven't used it since. Does that count? Sorry if I've offended those of you who use them. I just don't like them.


Randi said...

I agree, I don't like them either. On the other hand I would rather use one than chase my kid across an airport looking like a bag lady with a dog and to totally embarrassed kids following behind. You did the right thing. Just don't mention it anymore and it will be like it never happened!

{leah} said...

i hear ya.... i went to utah and flew with the three boys by my self. {my pregnant self...} woth all our carry ons, and trying to keep track of the boys and our stuff. Luckily I only almost lost james twice. {leave it to the 6 year old who wants to wanter away....}

I'm glad you made it hhome with the same kids {plus a dog} that you left with.