Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sleepy Boy

How excited am I? Starting tomorrow, my family is taking a beautiful trip through the countrysides and city sites of the Holland tulips, Amsterdam and Belgium only about 3-4 hours from our house.

But I also know you're so very sad because if we don't get back until Tuesday, you'll miss all of my invigorating blog posts until we return. But don't you worry yourself! I'm not gonna leave you empty-handed. I've already worked long and tedious hours to write fun, exciting and very very long posts for your reading pleasure to be published automatically while I'm gone. But don't be surprised if, unbeknownst to me, the posts have a mind of their own and cut themselves down to being really short. They really prefer being short and sweet, yet still leaving you uplifted and edified.

Until we're back, I'm leaving you with a picture of the most darling little boy, if I do say so myself. Especially in this picture.

This boy never falls asleep "wherever" like other kids do. He usually has to be in his bed or porta crib in a dark room. I've constantly wished for him to be able to fall asleep on my shoulder, or in his stroller, or on a long drive. Alas, he hardly ever does.

But some reason he just couldn't hold himself up this day. (Picture taken a couple of months ago in California.) Too darling, don't you agree?


Randi said...

That is so cute. Brenna is the same way. She doesn't fall asleep like other kids do. It makes life more difficult when traveling, but when everything is right in her world...she is an excellent sleeper.

Paige + Blake said...

awww, how I miss the mac and cheese naps!

Beth said...

He is getting sooooo big and cute!

How fun to live just a few hours away from so many amazing and beautiful places. Your girls are getting the best experiances that they will never forget!

Nan said...

I love it. He looks so cute. I want to pick him up and put him in his bed...