Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mourning Their Losses

What would you think these girls were going to do if you saw them walk down the stairs in these outfits and with these props? Can you see the framed picture in Xanthe's hands, the dark glasses, and the black roses in Xoe's hands? (Xoe couldn't find her sunglasses.)

(Oh and the other girl is named Grace. She's one of the girls' friends that has been here about half of the days of Spring Break. She's very cute.)

I asked them, "Girls, what in the world are you doing and where are you going?" I was totally not prepared for their answer.

"Mom, we're old ladies going to the cemetery (down the street from our house) to pay respects to our loved ones."

I totally guffawed with laughter when they told me that. We have this really cool old cemetery at the end of our street. It's not spooky or anything. A cool European cemetery that the girls see every time they walk their dog to the fields down in that same area.

Hey! Whatever keeps them entertained right? Here are some pictures they brought back saying they were paying respects to all these people. Weird, yet imaginative...gotta give them that.


Randi said...

Wow! That one person is really loved to have that many flowers. Your girls crack me up. No way would you have ever found me mourning for anyone when I was 10 (or even now...let's just face it). I am glad that they are staying entertained. By the way. When I first started reading I totally thought they were mourning Michael Jackson! I know they love him, but this is even better.

Heather said...

that is really funny..it got a chuckle out of me! THanks...ps they have always been creative!

amber buhrley said...

um...Im gonna go with creepy! Yeah, this is a little weird. Did they take the last picture because of justin?

Shumway's in Germany said...

Too funny! It is nice they have creative imaginations to keep them entertained!