Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Easter Favorite

I'm addicted. These have broken me of my diet.

I never liked the Milk Chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs. My sisters LOVE LOVE LOVE them and look forward to them every year. I'm just not a Milk Chocolate fan. I'm totally a proud dark chocolate fan. And these, my friends, are the most amazing dark chocolate candies I've ever tasted. And now I'm sad they're gone for a whole year.

I found a blog that is devoted to reviewing candy. It's called The Candy Blog. I love the way they describe these delish sweets.

The little chalky looking eggs are a smidge darker on the outside, more vibrant than the Cadbury Mini Eggs and don’t have any speckles. Even though they’re dark chocolate (well, there’s a little milkfat in there) they smell particularly milky to me, or at least freakishly sweet but with a smoky chocolate undertone.
The shell is sweet and rough on the tongue at first, then becomes soft and a little cool on the tongue. Inside is a core of creamy dark chocolate, the chocolate is super smooth and reminds me a bit of Dove. It’s sweet, but not overly and doesn’t have that milky-sticky quality of other Cadbury products.
It’s kind of weird, but they remind me more of a good cup of hot chocolate than candy. They’re definitely growing on me.
PLEASE try them! Maybe there are still some out there since Easter just barely passed. They're totally different than regular dark chocolate. Maybe it's cuz they have a little milk chocolate in with them to make them creamier. Who knows. They're heaven in a hard candy shell. I probably have gained back whatever weight I lost the last two weeks on my diet from these babies.
'Til next year!


Randi said...

OK, Don't even get me started on Easter candy. You know that I spent all day Monday hitting up every store in SV looking for sales! I do love the dark chocolate eggs...i love anything in an egg shape. I think it makes candy taste better when it is shaped like an egg. I am glad that you can now celebrate Easter candy with me and mourn its loss when it is gone!

Alicia said...

Hands down... Easter has the best candy. I love you, Cadbury.
And, I love this description as well. Yum.

Rachel said...

yes, totally agree. those dark mini eggs are a little piece of heaven.