Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Titanic & Downtown Wiesbaden

The Titanic Exhibition came to town for a few months. Xanthe was told she would receive extra credit for going so we decided one beautiful day we would visit the event in downtown Wiesbaden.

I've always had intimate feelings about the Titanic Story. Some good, mostly bad. I love the time period, but I hate the story. So much so, that I haven't even seen the movie. Yes, much to everyone's chagrin, I couldn't even imagine sitting through it.

I should have known that this exhibition would be hard on me. Especially since they built exact replicas of the first class, second class and third class hallways and rooms. There were exact items from the ship and letters and postcards. There were large, life-sized pictures of the people who died, including children...older children, age 11, who weren't allowed to get on the lifeboats. There was a mixture of emotions, definitely. It mostly took my breath away, and not always in a good way. But like always, I had a deep feeling of humility, respect and remembrance for those who died.

The next couple of pictures that show the replicas below are from other people's images. We weren't able to take pictures inside. Guess they didn't listen. haha.

A real piece of the ship. I couldn't understand what the audio tour was insinuating, but I'm pretty sure they said this was one of the pieces that actually hit the ice berg.

Spencer, obviously, got tired of it pretty quickly. So, he and I moved through the last part of the exhibition pretty fast, but let the girls take their time. Xanthe had been learning a lot about the Titanic in her class, and even had to write a report on it, so I knew she took a special interest. Spencer and I went upstairs to the main plaza to walk around (this is the the main plaza in Downtown Wiesbaden where festivals and events go on. It's a really cool place to go shopping and eat).

(This was the exit of the exhibition...we came from up the stairs)

I know I'm not a great photographer (yet) but I HAD to take pictures of this downtown area. It is such a beautiful place to come and just sit. I know lots of friends who take quick trips down here to just sit. I think I might start doing the same. Spencer and I had a great time walking through puddles, running down the "walking only" cobblestone streets, and chasing ducks.

Wherever there's a puddle, Spencer finds it. These are his footprints after I let him take off his shoes.

Don't judge me on his outfit. This was a rough day. He got everything wet at one point so I had to strip him down and put on what I had in the car. He was happy, and that's all that's good and matters!

He just sat down at one point with his pretzels and didn't want to move. If he did, he just scooted on his bum.

Don't those buildings in the background look unreal?

The flowers are a common occurrence wherever we go. And yet I never get sick of them.


Heather said...

so pretty! i love all those buldings...sit your A down and watch titanic. Theres a really good sex scene!

Nan said...

I loved that post. I especially loved the picture of you and Spencer close up. He really does look SO much like you..

Katie Schultz said...

Love the picture of the little feet walking around in circles through the puddle. Ruby is the same way with water, she is drawn to it like a magnet. Every time I see amazing buildings/castles I think to myself... They just don't make them like they used to.

Shumway's in Germany said...

Fun pictures! Looks like you had a great time!