Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Homemade Christmas-From Dad

For a description of our Homemade Christmas, see the post called "Homemade Christmas-From Xanthe"

These gifts are homemade from Dad Brian.

For Mom

I didn't get a picture of this but it was a piece of paper rolled up like a scroll. On it had all of the projects around the house Brian is, or has already, fixed for me.  This was a big grand idea for me because there were a few I've been really wanting us to get to.  Brian is usually very good at not procrastinating, but there have just been a few projects that have fallen under the radar. I will get a picture of this paper he gave me and post it later hopefully.

For Xanthe & Xoe

Earring Holders with a gift certificate for Xanthe to get her ears re-pierced.  She let them close up and has been wanting them re-pierced for awhile.  I had told her she needed to earn the money for it, so this came as a fun surprise.

This is Xoe's earring holder.  I didn't get a picture with her mustache earrings and a 20 Euro gift certificate for some jewelry.

For Spencer
Spencer really loves Legos and Brian had this idea last year.  He got a huge Lego set we have been saying "no" to for a long time. Then he built it for Spencer. It's a huge set so it took quite a few hours to build. Spencer has been in heaven playing with this Lego steam train.

Look at how cute these darling hands are.

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