Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Christmas Eve Traditions

As I said in my Christmas post, this year is our first year as a small family doing our own traditions.  However, there are a few traditions we have carried over from our extended family.  Grammy's Jammies is one of them.  When my mom was here last month, she left pajamas for all the kids which they open Christmas Eve.  Then they each get to open one gift.  The girls were definitely happy Grammy didn't forget them even though they're getting older.  One of their favorite traditions.

Then while Brian and I prepared Christmas (aka finished wrapping presents and making one of our "change in plans" homemade gifts), Xoe and Xanthe were amazing, as usual, and left cookies for Santa and got him to bed.  They all thought it would be fun to sleep in the same room so they bunked it in Xanthe's room which has 3 beds in there.  The next picture is Christmas right after Santa came. ;)

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