Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Homemade Christmas-From Spencer

For a full description of our Homemade Christmas, see the more recent post called "Homemade Christmas-From Xanthe."

These gifts are made by Spencer.  Xoe was really amazing to help him with a lot of the gifts.  She did it on her own without me even asking.  She is such an amazing girl and a great gift giver.

For Dad
Xoe helped Spencer make this amazing handprint calendar.  It took them a long time but Spencer was really excited to make it for his dad.

For Mom

Daddy and Xoe and Xanthe helped Spencer with this gift for Mom.  They had to melt and hand dip these candles for me.

This was his excitement the whole morning when giving his gifts to everyone.  EXACTLY what I was going for. :) 

This was Spencer's present to his sisters.  Each of them got one of these sets.  We went to the Lego store and he built Lego people that looked like the brother and sisters.  They're kind of funny because they didn't have many options for girl clothes so this is what he came up with. :) And no blonde hair for boys but Spencer's hair is kind of turning brown anyway.  

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