Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Homemade Christmas-From Mom

For a full description of our Homemade Christmas, see the more recent post called "Homemade Christmas-From Xanthe."

These homemade presents are given by Mom.

For Dad & Spencer

Brian can never find pajama pants that fit him.  They're always too short. So I decided to make him some pajama pants with a "mini-me" version for Spencer, seeing as though they are best buddies and just like each other. I think they liked them, don't you?

For Xanthe & Xoe
Last year Xanthe and Xoe made Brian and I tie blankets from two fleece blankets bought at our fun little store called Kik down the street.  They mentioned this year that they wanted one too and I don't think they knew I heard.  They turned out really fun and the girls love them.

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