Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 months old

About a week ago (yes, I'm a slacker), Spencer turned 3 months old. It's pretty weird to me because now I don't think I can consider him a newborn. I've read and heard from so many people that "there are no rules the first three months" So, now I have to institute rules? I've tried to even before he was three months old, but I just don't have the heart still. My heart melts the minute I hear his little cry... He is such a patient little baby and only whimpers when he needs to complain. It takes a lot to get him into a real screaming cry so I hate getting him to that point cuz I'm afraid I'll train him to cry that hard when he needs anything. Does that make sense?

ANYWAY, here are some cute pictures of him. Instead of listing all his milestones (which he is right on schedule with), I'll just tell you the things that is amazing and out-of-the ordinary about him. First, he LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba. It calms him down immediately, much more than a swing, bottle or Baby Einstein. He's mesmerized. He also has two teeth that have already come through. He's such a happier baby now that those have come in. He also hates pacifiers. I've tried so many kinds. He'd rather suck on his fist, my finger upside down or...well, you know...those things that we use to "naturally" feed a baby. He sits in his Bumbo so well and loves to just sit there and look around (and because he's so fat, his legs barely fit in the holes of the seat. And when I pick him up the Bumbo seat gets stuck on him). Also, he has a strong head and body and holds himself up so well. It's probably all the fat holding him up. Which is the last thing I'd say about him. He's so fat and roley poley. He's 3 months and 18 pounds. Need I say more?

P.S. I tried getting a better "3 month" picture of him smiling and laughing in his Bumbo seat, but everytime I would put him in there, he would get this straight face like someone hit his "off" button. I tried for three days. Sheesh. So, the first picture above is the best I could get with him making some sort of expression. I thought it would be funny to post the progression below.

As you can see from the yawning one he was clearly bored with my antics to get him to smile.

At least in this one he's getting a little excited. So, there you have it! Does it get any easier to take pictures from here on out? I remember the girls were so bad until they hit about 3 years old. They would cry so hard, especially at the JC Penney studio. So consider it a miracle if I get a good picture on here. :)


ruth said...

OOOOO cute! You know he weighs as much as Harper. So funny. He's your MAx. Oh and i like it when they don't smile it shows more character.

Beth said...

He is S0000 Cute!
I can't believe how big he is! Your arms must be getting a great work out carrying him around!

amber buhrley said...

WOW, When are you coming down here? I need to squeeze that fat baby!