Monday, September 15, 2008


My sister, Nanette, was born on my mom's birthday, September 10, 1977. She was given her name because it means "little Nancy." Nan is one of my most favorite people and these are only SOME of the reasons why...

1. She has such a funny sense of humor. We frequently are graced with her humor when she either leaves a robot message on our machine, presents in front of the whole family a t-shirt with a sloth picture of us on the front, or send us a 'Tard Card in the mail. She used to jump on my mom's back and make her run around the kitchen table or come up with some game that would cause us all to make a complete fool of ourselves. I am always in complete laughter at her sense of humor and am frequently and pleasantly surprised by her antics.

2. She is like the OPPOSITE of those who walk around with a constant ball of stress. When I need someone to help me make a decision or to help deal with a situation that won't be completely emotional about it, I call her. She is so non-stress and low key that I look to her to help deal with things sometimes. She'll also tell me if I'm obsessing about something too much, or when it's okay to obsess (like when it's okay to be overly organized, or when to just fly by the wind).

3. She has the best advice sometimes. I can always call her and she'll have an answer for me about anything...from baby care, to gardening, to church, and to helping me realize that if I was having a bad day, it could be due to the simple fact that my pants were too tight...hahahhaa.

4. She introduced me to my best friends...Jim, Pam, Michael Scott & Dwight. She made me watch my first episode, knowing that the love would last forever. We have always bonded over corporate office jobs since she and I worked in them for so long.

5. She is extremely talented. I am always amazed at how naturally talented she is at everything. She doesn't think so, but I actually turn to her lots of times for help. Her houses have always been decorated so modern, and she is one of the very few people I would ever feel comfortable with turning over a flower order to. She is also an amazing cook. All her meals are GOURMET. I love eating at her house cuz she always makes a big spread. She is THAT good.

6. She KNOWS how to find a good sale, or a good bargain from good, quality stores. She taught me about price adjustments, returns and ebay.

7. I freakin' LOVE her kids. Rocky and I have such a cute bond together and I love him like my own. They are both so stinkin smart and I know it's because of her. She's an amazing mom and she has really taught her kids to be independent and wise.

8. She loves my kids like her own. She is always so willing, and actually claims to LOVE having my girls over. She always has an "agenda" of things to do with them, but never gets stressed out by it. She also is in tune with them and has been a great mother to them when I haven't been able to. One time Xoe was feeling homesick and wanted to call me, and Nan just said to her, "Xoe, do you just need some snuggles?" And they went and snuggled on her bed and Xoe was totally fine after that.

9. One memory I have of her is when we lived in Rexburg. Since she was the sister closest to me (only 2 years younger) we frequently shared a bedroom. One night, me being my rotten self, was hogging all the covers. She kept saying, "You've got ALL the covers, and I have none." I was being so bratty and kept saying, "No I don't. Look! I don't even have ANY." Finally my mom heard us arguing, I think it was like 2 a.m., and came in. When she flipped on the light I was still insisting she had all the covers. My mom said, "Are you kidding me? Look at your side of the bed, Christy." I looked over and I had all the covers on my side of the bed bundled up on the floor. Nan was completely uncovered. I kinda remember feeling so stupid but laughing in my head at how ridiculous I was. I still laugh.

10. She was always letting her older, and way more unpopular, sister hang out with her friends, even in Rexburg when we were like 8 and 6. She always had more friends than I did, probably cuz she was way more fun. But we always walked to school together and played around the neighborhood together. Since we were so close in age, we did a lot together. Poor Nanette had a mean older sister, but somehow she forgave me and we have become better friends than I could have ever imagined.

11. She is so organized. Not only in her house, but in life in general. I know she probably feels stressed in her head, but somehow she seems to organize it all and follow through with it. She is a role model of organization of how I want to be. I can organize it in my head but I don't know how to apply it. I get too stressed out. She seems to carry it off without a hitch.

12. She loves to be out of the house. I've always wished I was as brave as she is to run a marathon, be an avid skiier or WANT to traipse her kids all over Target, or somewhere else, on a daily basis. She always has to get out of the house with her kids whereas I tend to be a homebody. But watching how she does it with ease, I've been going out more and more, and actually enjoying it.

13. She asked me a couple weeks ago if we used to do shows together...and oh boy did we! Nan, NOW do you believe me? This little ditty was called "Momma's little baby loves shortenin shortenin, Momma's little baby loves shortenin bread."

14. Nanette is one of the most giving people I know. And you KNOW there are never any strings attached. She loves to give cuz it not only makes the other person happy, but it makes her happy too. From her Bed and Breakfast house, to finding clothes on sale for your kid, she is always thinking of other people and how she can make them happy.

15. On that same note, I feel like she gives to me way more than I give to her and for some of the things she has done for me, I don't think I could ever make up for it in return. I'm older in age than her, but she is really like an older sister to me (as is my other sister, Amber...but that's for her birthday). She is always calling me to check on me, or to see how I'm doing. And every time I've ever gotten myself into a really bad bind with my life, I have gone to her house as a refuge. She calls it "Christy's Halfway House" where I go to recover. She has literally taken care of me when I couldnt' take care of myself.

I can't even say enough about my sister, Nanette. I totally feel like I'm forgetting so much.

She is amazing. Like I've said about my brother Scott (in his post below), she is going straight to heaven. I can't think of any faults that she could have. She is truly perfect in my eyes and I get choked up when I think about her. Thank you Nanette for not only being a great sister, but a great friend.

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Nanette said...

Thank you Christy. That is a priceless gift. I think you lied a lot though about me, or I have just tricked you really well! BTW- I never thought you were a mean sister growing up. I know I have a terrible memory, but I remember you being awesome...and still are. Love you.