Monday, September 15, 2008



My dad married mom on her 20th birthday, on September 10, 1970. They are celebrating 38 years of marriage. That's so amazing to me. Here are some things I love about my mom and dad...

1. They're just plain silly. When I found this picture I just started laughing so hard. I wish I had a picture of them at the Big Sur reunion last year. AMAZING.... Anyway, they are always breaking into song together and harmonizing with each other all sorts of old fashioned songs. They truly are two peas in a pod.
2. They love getting together with all their kids. They're so excited when we can all attend reunions and family get togethers together. My dad adamantly refuses to sell his big house because he wants a big enough place for everyone to come home to. We all don't mind that he is a stickler about this rule.

3. I love their "love story." How much more romantic can you get falling in love while touring around the world while singing and performing on stage together in a college performing group? I submit that it cannot!
4. They love putting on parties. They go to the "nines" with every party they throw. From a wedding, to a birthday party, to missionary breakfast (I'll save that for my dad's birthday), they go all out...sometimes to my mom's dismay cuz she has to clean it up. :) All our weddings, even when we swear we're going to keep it low key, end up being an extravaganza.
5. They have the best relationship. My dad hates when my mom goes away on trips and my mom loves spending time with my dad. They are always going on dates, still after all these years. They really are an example of how marriage should be.

6. They love their grandchildren. They have a special relationship with each one of them. Like I said in my mom's post, some of them prefer going to "Grammy" and "Grampa" more than anyone else. Porter is addicted to my dad, and Ruby would have a heart attack whenever she saw my mom. They even have a special relationship with Xoe & Xanthe. When we lived with them, every morning my girls ("Lucy" & "Sally", as my dad so lovingly nicknamed them) would crawl into bed with "Wally" (my dad) and "Winnie" (my mom) and watch cartoons snuggled up together. My mom would make breakfast for them and they would lay in bed until everyone HAD to get up. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! You're amazing and we miss you so much!

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Nanette said...

That is an AMAZING picture of mom and Dad in costume. Who owns a white tux and mink stoal (sp)