Tuesday, November 25, 2008



It's the little things that count sometimes, right? Well, here are some small accomplishments that I would like to share with you all that I'm quite proud of...

1. The McDonald's here has been shutting down at night early for the past two months so they can build their "McCafe"...a coffee shop type area. I am happy to say that just the other day I pulled in with the girls to get breakfast before the parade and they said, "Mom, what's McCafe?" I said, "You know what it is. Haven't you seen them building it?" And she said, "No mom, we haven't had fast food for a long time."

I think that's an accomplishment when one considers that when I was single and working, we ate out a lot...much more than I'd like to admit...and we've slowly started to get away from this habit, but it was still part of our lives. I'll give myself a pat on my back...I'm not afraid to brag. :) (But should I be embarrassed that "I" knew what McCafe was? heehee)

2. When all of us traveled to a different destination for Fall Break (see previous post), but then all flew back to the same airport to return home, we stopped by the Tucson Convention Center to see Disney On Ice: High School Musical 1 & 2 (see other previous post). However, because I had some car trouble (future post to come), we got there about 15 minutes late. A few of my Girl Scouts were waiting for me, but their moms didn't have cell phones, so I couldn't call them to let them know I was running late. When I finally showed up and gave them all their tickets, the one mom said to me, "Ya, my daughter was really stressed that you weren't here cuz she said, 'Mom, it's not like Christy to be late. She's always on time.' " Mmmhmmm, thaz right! (If you're Mormon AND a Startup...you know how hard that character flaw can be to correct.)

3. Lastly, there's been some drama lately with the adults in the Girl Scout troop...mostly "he-said-she-said" stuff...and people accusing others of gossipping about them. I have tried my best not to react to it (especially since it's mostly all untrue and mostly all about me) and not to get pulled into the drama. However, it's hard when you want so badly to "clear the air" and get people to know that what they're hearing is not true. But through it all, I've hoped that the people who have been "hearing" it would know me better and know that I wouldn't do something like that.

So it goes...one mom told me that three of the parents were having a conversation and the third mom retorted back to the first mom who was trying to gossip..."No, Christy wouldn't say that. She doesn't gossip or get involved in that kind of drama. I don't believe you." And then walked away. Swwwwisshhhhhh! Thank you very much!

So-even if you many of you are laughing at me for relishing in these moments, know that I'm still proud of them...cuz these are my accomplishments and they may be small...but they're big in my eyes. Hope you all have some small moments to be proud of!


Brent and Randi said...

I am so proud of you for being a F'amazing person! You go girl...you deserve a treat. May I suggest Cold Stone. It too is F'amazing.

kristyn said...

I am proud of you, those are good accomplishments. I was feeling like I had #1 as an accomplishment as well and then I realized that the only reason i haven't been eating out lately is because I just had a baby and people have been cooking for me (and I have been a hermit for 2 weeks!).
By the way, Spencer is darling!!