Monday, November 24, 2008


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A couple nights after our Visiting Teaching Group Goodbye Party to Shawna, Brian had the great idea of inviting Shawna and James over for dinner the night before they were leaving so they had somewhere to eat after their stuff was all packed up. I wonder if they would have agreed if they knew they were gonna be at our house til 2 a.m.

And of course we had to invite Randi and her husband Brent. We had Grape Tomato Pasta (F'amazing!) and all the fixins, Italian Sodas (F'amazing...and 100 points to Randi and Brent who love them more than we do...seeing as though they have a crate of club soda and Torani flavored syrups in their garage), and Panna Cotta (the most F'amazing thing of the night...)...Can you tell what the word of the night was? I had just introduced this word to them, so it has a little sentimental-ness to it.

Afterward, we thought it would be fun to play some cards for a few hours, but I guess to them that meant for 8 hours! We laughed so hard that our stomachs all hurt the next day. And James and Shawna didn't think it would be as great as it was, so they made a fall-back plan of buying tickets to the movies...big mistake! They came back right after the movies to finish playin some o' that Hand & Foot!

We're gonna miss you Shawna, but at least you left us Brent and Randi to hang out with. I think that'll suffice. heehee.

(Xoe & Xanthe have hard time saying goodbye. But ya...we farmed them out to a friend's house. This is them not wanting to leave Shawna and James).

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Brent and Randi said...

That night was totally F'amazing. The Italian Sodas were wonderful but they made me verp all night long. Thanks for all of the laughs.