Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Journey of Moving, Part 1

While we were moving, I didn't really post much. But I PROMISE I was thinking about it a lot. I took some pictures along the way so I thought since there's not much to write about while here in Germany (since we're just getting ourselves I.D. cards, International Drivers' Licenses and trying to figure out where we're going to live now that they're transferring Brian to a different area), I'll replay some of the highlights of what I call "Our Journey of Moving". I'm gonna work backwards in event order. of the empty house. I know I posted pictures of when the movers were moving, but for those who have been to my house before, will be able to grasp how weird it was to see it empty.

Spencer's Room
I posted this one because...well just look what color it was before... (Brian had a helluva time with the paint sprayer that he ended up taking back was a burr in his side to say the least. Know that the word "exploded" came into use a few times when he was telling me what happened.)

Each Family Member's Reaction to the Empty House
1. Spencer-He just loved how much crawling space he had. He kept crawling in circles around the hallways. It did get old after awhile when he realized there weren't many toys to play with.

2. X&X-Surprisingly, they didn't react as I'd thought. They just did cartwheels in all the big open spaces.

3. Me-Surprisingly too, I wasn't as emotional as I thought. That came later at the hotel when I was so tired I couldn't even pack all the bags. But going through the house wasn't as hard for me. I think I had let go already.

4. Brian-Well, see the picture below. I think he was just happy to have all the last minute repairs done and over with. It was a lot of hard work, even though we had help.

And now...this is all you see out front...


Vanessa said...

That's so weird that you're not there anymore, and your house is so empty! It makes my time in Sierra Vista a little bit less of a reality, KWIM? I feel for you on the apartment set up, It's so hard having to sleep with the baby in the room, you must be feeling like a zombie! Good luck on your new adventure! (BTW, are you going to change the blog's name now? That would be very weird... Anyway, something I've been wondering, hehehe)
Hugs to all of you.

Randi said...

That makes me want to barf! I miss you guys.

Erin said...

That's SO SAD!! We miss you guys terribly. Our visiting teaching group is not going to be the same without you.