Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Surprise Move!

Many of you have asked for an update as to what I meant when I said we were moving again soon... Here's what's a nutshell (does that cliche saying make anyone else giggle?). Try to follow me. It might get confusing.

-At first we were stationed in Mannheim where Brian's "Activity" (aka "Company"), is located.

-His Activity is going to be moving to another base in Wiesbaden (pronounced VEES-bawden), about an hour away, in about 8 months. So, at first we thought we would be living here in Mannheim for 8 months and then have to move again...which was kind of a bummer to think about.

Confused yet? There's more.

-Three days before we got here, we received word that the Activity wanted us to instead move right away (after our first 90 days are to be spent in Mannheim) up to Wiesbaden, and then Brian would commute back down to Mannheim until the rest of the Activity moves up there.

-While it's great and more convenient for the government to not have to move us twice (which I'm totally all about being more efficient), it's been a bit hard for a few reasons, which are:

-If we're staying in Mannheim for the 90 days before we move and while we wait for our "stuff" to get here, do we put the girls in school to then have them leave and go to a new school? Or do we head up to Wiesbaden sooner into a temporary apartment til our stuff gets here the first 90 days, but would then make Brian's hour commute last even longer.

-Househunting has been a bit tedious seeing as though every time we want to look at something, we have to drive an hour away.

-We've had to hold off on getting involved in any extra curricular activities, church events, and army base events, as well as choosing doctors and signing up for a bank account, because we know we're moving soon.

-We'll be moving in the middle of winter, which I guess we would have been doing anyway, but it just seems worse that we'll be moving our stuff we have here further away.

-We've been living in a 650 square foot 2 bedroom apartment, with Spencer sleeping in a tiny closet "under the stairs" for the first 3 months (and yes, I know the Europeans are probably laughing at me right now for being the typical American, needing our big cars, our big refrigerators and our big houses.)

There ya have it. That's what's happening with us and our move.

So, happy househunting to us and we'll just all enjoy the ride of the first 3 months together, right?


Randi said...

You all should be very close after this little time in the 650 sq ft house. Either that, or when you finally get to move into more space you wont want to look at each other for a while.

Alicia said...

Oh man-- you're raising Harry Potter?!?!

Rachel said...

no rest for the weary, huh?

i saw a judith mcnaught book at the second hand store tonight and thought of you. :)