Friday, September 25, 2009

Oldie-but-goodie-5th Grade

 (This was originally posted in 09/2010, but I'm redating it where it should go. The first paragraph might seem a little off).

One of my projects today was to scan in a whole bunch of pictures, documents, etc. so I could blog about them. That's one of the biggest reasons I have been slacking is because things are scattered all over the house that go with some of my blog posts... in memory boxes, filing drawer, boxes that got dumped together when we were moving the office to another room... you get the jist.  So! now that I have scanned a bunch of stuff in, you are going to be graced with its awesomeness. 

First one!  Xanthe and Xoe's 5th Grade pictures. These were their pictures from the first elementary school they attended here in Germany, Mark Twain Elementary School in Heidelberg.  (I don't think we have 5th Grade pictures from the school we moved to in November of the same year, Hainerberg Elementary.)  

We really miss this school. If you'll remember I posted a lot about it starting here.  This was the school where Xoe got to ride on the fire engine ladder, and the school was so small it only had one 5th grade class. We LOVED Ms. Burrus, their teacher.

So! Here ya go!  Cuties huh?  


Randi said...

I am so proud of myself because I can still tell them apart! Simple pleasures that make me happy. I still can't believe they are in 6th grade. Too grown up!!

brittany ann said...

Awww such beautiful girlies and with such wonderful personalities, too. :) I'm also diggin' the new blog motif.

Anonymous said...
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