Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Day at School

I just couldn't resist snapping these pictures of him going to school. I took him one day, rather than riding the bus because he just needed to sleep in.

This is him looking for cars when we cross the street.  I say "Look left. Look right." and he does!  He looks both ways and then reaches up for my hand. He's such a good little boy.

I know this looks like the exact same picture but for some reason I love it.  I love that you can see the back of his head and his ears... I just needed to post this picture.  I also love this backpack. It's a different one than his first day of school. the style is the German style of backpack that I have loved every since arriving here.  It looks so much more ergonomical and the because of it's hard shape, the books seem to fit better and the kids' back don't hurt.  What do I know? I just love the design and seeing these German kids walking around with them. They're super expensive for the older kids too... like 60-100 Euro (about $100-$150).  Kerstin... help me out on this... I've heard they buy a backpack and lasts them for a few years.  Is this true?  Well, anyways, I couldn't handle that Toys R Us had miniature sizes. :)  It's great for storing toys in there too cuz the shape doesn't collapse.  I kinda wish it would be okay for me to get an adult one but I don't think it is. :)

Going in with his class.  They all have to hold hands. It's the most darling thing I've ever seen.  And they "talk" the whole way there.  They see the same pictures so they talk about the sun and the weather and they look up in the sky. Then they use simple words for opening doors... "Key In, Turn, Pull, Open".  I learned a lot from the day I attended their class.  I'll post more about it later but all of our houses should be set up with this way for those with young kids.  They teach so many amazing things through play... part of doing their jobs they have matching pull cards, as well as shapes and colors on the CD player buttons to help change and start the CD.  I'll have to ask if I can come in and take pictures of it so you can all see.  It totally opened up a whole new world for me (Yes, the Aladdin song just went running through my brain).

Spencer loves the little boy he's holding hands with... Joe Joe. Too bad Joe Joe doesn't reciprocate. He's a cute little boy but hasn't learned to play with other kids yet.

I'll post more about his school inside the classroom later.  But for now...let's just say he's been doing amazing! He's already speaking a few sentences, albeit not quite super clear, but he's doing it.  Yay! for Spencer.

Oh, and one other update... I've been talking to a few people about his shaking hands and a few teachers have said they think he might have some sensory issues (where he needs pressure massage and other ways to calm himself down rather than doing the shaking thing with his hands... Just as another option).  Then it just so happened that a few days ago, the Occupational Therapist noticed him doing his shaking while she was in the classroom for another child. She's going to test him and we may get some extra help in that area so he may be able to sleep better at night and it might also help with his speech (since he may get a little overly excited but not know how to calm down, he may get sensory overload and his brain can't focus on speech).  His shaking is just like how some children scream when they are excited.  It's normal... they're just going to give me ways to assist... without us having to pay for it and him getting it inside the classroom. Awesome, huh? So there's everyone's update. :)


Kerstin said...

When we first start school, we get the kind of backpacks (satchels) Spencer has. Mine way pink by the way. They last the whole primary school (maybe a year less, it depends on the child), which in Baden-W├╝rttemberg means four years. Then it's totally uncool and you switch to another kind of satchel (for the whole time I went to school it was 4you, I don't know whether it changed) and when these become uncool, you just use any ordinary backpack or bag.
But I think an ordinary backpack in primary school would be really unusual.

Kerstin said...

And I love Spencer shaking his hands! It's so cute!