Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog Catchup

So, I finally got all my pictures organized.  It's amazing how many devices we have taken pictures on.  4 different cell phones (remember, the girls had a phone in the states for their summer trip), a professional camera and 3 point and shoot cameras. This isn't counting pictures other people have taken for us.  

I figured instead of starting way back, my favorite way of doing things is jumping all over the place, not going in order. Maybe changing my tactic will help me not feel so overwhelmed about how much I have to journal/blog about. 

I decided to start with a few recent events.  I'm not sure anyone even reads this anymore but I realized after seeing some pictures of my siblings and friends' kids growing up so fast, or hearing about lots of things going on in the states, I was missing out in their lives because many of us don't blog anymore.  And a few of them have also mentioned they don't know what is going on in my life because I don't blog very much anymore either.  So, here I go.  

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