Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Xanthe's Photog Skills

Xanthe and Xoe are serious budding photographers.  I know I've posted pictures that Xanthe has taken before, but I just have folders and folders of random ones both of them have taken.  I decided to just put a bunch into one post for Xanthe, one for Xoe. 

Let me just say, that for photography skills, I have been seriously impressed.  I even showed the pictures to our magazine photographer and she had some amazing things to say.  You can tell they both just have the eye for it.  So, here you go.  A smorgasbord of Xanthe's pictures.  Some are great and some may be blurry, but still look because you can see the angles she was going for or the cool shots she was trying to get.  

(This is a closet mirror that is open and she is standing in a doorway in its reflection.  The radiator behind it is actually on the other side of the closet)

I've even used a few of her pictures in the magazine, they're that good!

Ummm... can you say amazing?!

This one she was trying to so hard to get him to do put his tongue to the side but he kept getting distracted. She had so much patience and tried for so long. I want that here as a memory.

It's funny because a few times I've wanted a picture of something and I've said, "Xanthe, can you take a picture of this whole scene." All my pictures and angles turn out totally wrong.  I even once said to her, after she had already shot a table full of frames, to maybe shoot it from "this angle." She shrugged her shoulders just appeasing me, but I'm sure she knew it didn't look good.  Then when I saw the picture afterward, I was like, "Ya, that stunk."  haha.

They've got a lot to learn but like I said, they have the eye for it.  Xanthe said she doesn't want to take classes cuz she doesn't want someone else telling her how to shoot pictures. I'm still trying to teach her she needs to learn the basics, such as lighting.  She's thinking someone's gonna mess with her "art."

Great skills huh?  I'll post Xoe's, if I can just sort through the amusement park ones. There are like 300.  They went a little hog wild taking pictures of fountains and running through sprinklers and driving the cars. :)  Til then!

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