Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spencer Hates Haircuts

Yup. I was desperate.  Spencer refuses to have his haircut, screams with the sound of clippers and refuses to let scissors come near him.  The first haircut he had from a real hairstylist, he cried and almost cut his finger and moved his head away and buried it under my arms so hard that the hairstylist gave the haircut for free. She knew she didn't get a good haircut.  haha.

If you'll remember my mom gave me some pointers on how to keep his attention with a high chair. So for my first solo haircut, I did that but he still wasn't happy about it.  I still got a haircut out of it but it wasn't great. The hair in the front was way too short and almost laughable. I should have just shaved it off.

Haircut #2, my hairstylist sister, Nan, gave me some more cutting pointers on top of what my mom had told me, and then she told me to put him in the bath and give him a popsicle. He doesn't love popsicles but I still put him the bath.  He was playing (so not staying still) but he was contained so it made it easier.  He still was swatting at the scissors when I'd come near him.  I was getting a little better at the haircuts, but I wasn't that great still (I don't think I'm that great still, but then, I was really struggling).  If only he'd just stop moving so I can perfect the haircut. :)

Haircuts #3 & 4 I was nervous to cut his hair again. I really felt like I didn't know what I was doing (I still don't!). But I had waited too long and it was summer. You all know how sweaty Spencer gets on his head. So one day when he was out playing in the pool, I realized it was the perfect opportunity. I grabbed my scissors and surprisingly he was okay with it. I was talking to him the whole time and trying to make silly jokes. Plus I was getting a little better so it went faster.

Haircut #5- the temps were just a little too chilly to put him in the pool so I had to come up with a new strategy.  My new strategy is pictured below.  It worked like a charm... 

I'm sorry. I loved every single one of these pictures. He was being so cute. We had gotten a new Signing Time video from a friend and I he had asked for a bag of candy at the store.  Rolos, Reese's Mini PB Cups and Hershey's Kisses.  And all he wanted to do was unwrap them. He didn't even eat one. :)

Do you not just LOVE his smile this picture? :)

None of these pictures actually show the haircut. I had done some, and did some in the back, but had to get pictures of him while he was unwrapping.  

He actually loved the haircutting so much, the next day he ran and got the big cup I had used for water, and the comb, and brought them to me. I think he just wanted more chocolate. :)  

I think I'll save the next haircut for my sisters when we go back to the states for Christmas though. :)  Leave it to the professionals.

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