Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Decorating for an OCTOBER Holiday

On Sunday, SEPTEMBER 18, 2011, you can absolutely bet we decorated for Halloween!  

It made my whole Sunday brighter!  I wait all year for the oranges, blacks, greens and purple colors of this holiday.  The mere mention of it as I was making lunch sent my girls into a flurry and they brought all 8 storage bins... yup, you read that right... 8!

And I'm still thinking my decorations have never had much rhyme or reason. I need to fix that.  My sister, Nanette's house is amazing at Halloween time. I need to embrace my obsession and do some serious decorating.  Too bad Germany doesn't celebrate Halloween.  I may need to put on my thinking cap and get creative.

I am now in the process of planning another Murder Mystery Party and a Pumpkin Carving Dinner Party (can you say, Dinner in a Pumpkin?).  

And thank you to my resident in-house photographer, Xanthe Villa, for taking all these pictures.  She and Xoe are the most amazing photographers.  Way better than me.  I just handed her the camera and she went to town.  Girls of many talents!


Kerstin said...

Can we still be friends, after I have admitted that I don't really like Halloween? I like the pumpkins, but why would you put a skull next to your food?

Rachel said...

what i love is that of all the necessary stuff you need to bring when you move overseas, you bring 8 bins of halloween decorations! that is serious business! awesome!

Christy said...

Oh absolutely Rachel. It's the necessities right? And Kerstin, yes we can still be friends, but I seriously wish you could understand how amazing it is having fun witches and pumpkins and skulls SERVIJNG your food. Do you not like Fasching or Walspurgisnacht (did I spell those right)? Halloween is done in the same spirit.